| can someone please tell me what the canadian sales tax is?

can someone please tell me what the canadian sales tax is?

JAMES asked:

what i want to know is do tourists have to pay it or on goods to be exported out on canada.

also is the tax included in advertised prices in shops and on the internet or is the tax added at the time of sale

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One Response to “can someone please tell me what the canadian sales tax is?”

  1. Elaine P on June 27th, 2009 8:23 am

    Sales tax is different in each province - (Ontario is 8%, Alberta has none). GST (Goods and Services Tax) is 7% and is charged in every province in Canada, so here in Ontario we pay 14% total for what we buy.

    Taxes are NOT included in the sales price, as some goods (like food) don’t have tax; and some only have GST.

    There is a rebate that is given on the taxes for tourists, but I also heard that this was being phased out - it’s best to check before you leave the country to see if it’s still in place and if you need forms to fill out, etc. You should ask at Revenue Canada.
    Visit this site:
    and look under “General Information”